Pileated Woodpeckers come a knockin’


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There’s nothing like the call of the Loon or the Pileated Woodpecker to make you aware you are somewhere in the North Woods. In my case it’s Minnesota, but not quite “Up North,” so we only hear our State bird, the loon, occasionally. Pileated Woodpeckers cover much of the Loon’s northern territory into Canada, and even more to the south and east in the United States.

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Whether its their call, territorial drumming or the rapping at trees for a meal, we have been hearing Pileated Woodpeckers in the neighborhood on and off since we moved in our suburban home over 20 years ago. We’ve always seen them in the yard individually, at least until this past Sunday morning.

The image to left shows the female holding a bug she plans to feed the male. His red crown is in full display mode. This feeding behavior is seen in many mating birds, however it is often the male feeding the female. (The female is in foreground in both images.)

For more information on the Pileated Woodpecker I recommend Nature Works. Below  the link.